Promoting a Positive view of
Diasporas towards stimulating
improved utilization of their
Capacity for the Benefit of all

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  The term Diasporas
refers to communities of people living separated from their (ancestral) homelands. More »

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Many people in the diaspora possess leadership attributes and/or is willing to launch new ventures, enterprises or projects. As a vital step toward increasing their possibilities and benefits for host- and origin countries, a new organization has been launched to promote entrepreneurship among diasporas in Scandianavian countries. Visit, join and support Scandinavian Diaspora Entrepreneurship Centre (ScanDEC) here »  

Diasporas do matter and play an important role for both host countries and countries of origin. But the capacity of Diasporas and migrants in general is very much ignored, causing damaging economic and social consequences accross generations and for societies.

To reach the state where to achieve the win-win-win effect where both migrants, host countries and countries of origin can gain mutually, both host and origin countries will have to optimize the conditions from where to fully utilize the capacity of Diasporas.

Engaging Diasporas for Development (EDD) is a not-for-profit organization, which operates free of any political or religious agendas. The mission of EDD is to promote a positive view of Diasporas towards stimulating improved utilization of their capacity for the benefit of all. More »

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